Broadband Setup

Setting up an internet connection should be a relatively simple task but sometimes is far from it. Equipment supplied nowadays, although in principle the same, vary in process of configuration. Coupled with legacy problems from other equipment, previous attempts to set up a connection or problems at the telephone exchange, often things can escalate and make matters worse.

Part of our day to day operations are dealing in such cases, ascertaining what the cause of the problem is or getting the problem rectified by the internet service provider.

Our aim is to remove any frustrations for the customer and attaining a connection as swiftly as possible. Internet connections can be also shared by several computers – please see the networking section.

All repair and maintenance tasks are carried out as promptly as possible, enabling the resumption of normal operation for you or your business.

For a reasonable fee, a temporary computer that is ready for immediate use can be supplied, minimising disruption for you.