Data Backup

It’s very easy to underestimate the importance of backing up your data until you experience a loss. Seeing someone lose their family photos, music files or business data is hard to endure.

Though not commonly known, Hard Disk drive failure and virus infection amongst other things can cause data loss, incurring sometimes high costs depending on data size amounts, this can be easily avoided.

A relatively small investment in a backup device or other media can save a lot of cost and hassle. We can help by installing and configuring appropriate equipment supplied by us or the customer. Most modern-day backup devices have software programs that automatically carry out scheduled backups. These backups can be configured for daily, weekly or monthly.

Another increasingly popular backup method is cloud based – we can also advise you about this if requested.

All repair and maintenance tasks are carried out as promptly as possible, enabling the resumption of normal operation for you or your business.

For a reasonable fee, a temporary computer that is ready for immediate use can be supplied, minimising disruption for you.