Data Recovery

Your hard disk drive, as well as containing your operating system also holds data that you have created and saved over a period of time. This data mainly consists of document, photo and music files; they may also contain some database files holding other information such as emails and address books.

If your computer or laptop fails suddenly, data can in most cases be recovered and returned to you on different media such as CD/DVD, flash media or external hard disk. The recovery process ranges from copying the data directly from your hard disk, the use of data recovery software and in worst cases carrying out temporary remedial repairs to the hard disk.

The later scenario would be necessary only if the hard disk has suffered electrical or mechanical failure for whatever reason. Our data recovery service can resolve all the above failures and return your valuable data to you in rapid time.

Avoiding such problems is possible through regular back of data - see Data Backup below.

All repair and maintenance tasks are carried out as promptly as possible, enabling the resumption of normal operation for you or your business.

For a reasonable fee, a temporary computer that is ready for immediate use can be supplied, minimising disruption for you.